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Hanwang pen tablet offers voice correction

Darren Murph

Just under a week ago, Hanwang was out boasting about its handwriting recognition mouse, which sported a built-in writing area that solved the need for one of those huge platters to be lugged around; now, however, the company is indeed showing off one of those aforementioned tablets at CHITEC 2007. While details are obviously scant, the folks at AVing were able to catch some hands-on time with the writing device at the expo, and it looks to do a fair job of converting your handwriting to text if you're more comfortable wielding a pen than searching for the home row. Of course, if it does happen to get off track, it purportedly touts a "voice correction system to collate the inputs." The WACOM-styled unit also touts a number of hotkeys to go along with the stylus and decorative design scheme, but unfortunately pricing and availability still remain a mystery. Click on through for a few more sneak peeks.

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