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MailTags 2.0 leaves beta, goes official

David Chartier

Scott Morrison's fantastic MailTags 2.0 is hands-down the best (and not because it is the only) plug-in that brings the wonders of tagging and iCal integration to Apple Mail. We've mentioned it plenty of times here on TUAW, and with good reason: Scott has put this new version of MailTags and its healthy dose of new features through a rigorous beta testing period, and tonight the plug-in makes that coveted leap from 'beta' to 'official release.' While Scott pops some well-deserved bubbly to celebrate his hard work, check out this list of tasty features designed for those who need more from an integrated desktop email client:

  • IMAP support - sync your tags over IMAP servers and use them to keep your mail organized and synced across any Mac you have MailTags installed on
  • A much-improved integrated interface for viewing and editing tags
  • The ability to view tags in Mail's List view (an extra, optional column to let you know a message is tagged)
  • Dynamic coloring of messages based on project, approaching due dates and priorities
  • Integration with iCal, allowing you to create to dos and events right from Mail
  • Including tags in your outbound messages for other MailTags users
  • Better integration with Mail's search tools, allowing you to specify searching only for message tags, projects or even notes you've applied with MailTags (in addition to Mail's default criteria of Entire Message, From, To, etc.)
  • Better integration with Mail's smart mailboxes
  • Applescript compatibility

I've been a happy user of MailTags 2.0 since it the early days of the beta, and I tip my hat to Scott for releasing such a great product. You can grab your own demo that runs for 21 days, while a license costs $29.95, with educational and volume discounts available upon requests.

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