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Microsoft Surface: it is like an iPhone, in table form

Scott McNulty

It looks like interactive surfaces are all the rage nowadays. First we had the iPhone from Apple with its multi-touch technology and now we have Microsoft's Surface (of course neither of these devices is actually shipping yet, but when does that stop us from talking about them?). Surface is a 30 inch screen that is mounted in a table. It uses a similiar touch interface as the iPhone does, but on a much larger scale. It can also interact with objects that are tagged using RFID tags, displaying information about the object. Microsoft eventually sees a point in the future when you would be able to rest your Zune (ha!) on the Surface and transfer songs from your library using only your fingertips as well as interact with other devices in the same fashion.

Check out the Surface website for some very cool demos. Sadly, you won't be able to buy this for your home anytime soon. The unit is rumored to cost $10,000 and at the moment is aimed at commercial uses. Microsoft is scheduling a road show of sorts so you can get your hands on one and give it a whirl.

Sometimes I feel like we're living in the future, people!

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