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PS3 add-on allows full HD resolution for Blu-ray on DVI

Peter Vrabel

For those gaming on popular computer monitors with non-HDCP DVI inputs, a gadget has been released that allows a workaround of HDCP protocols, allowing Blu-ray movies to play at full resolution on these displays. If you're a bit confused about the protocols of HDCP and how it all works, you are not alone. High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) allows content providers to prevent the full resolution of products (Blu-ray or HD-DVD) by crippling the resolution on displays where the HDCP handshake fails. Technically, all parts of the chain need to be HDCP-compliant in order for the full resolution to process. For an HDMI connection, HDCP would spring to life when an HDMI-DVI adaptor is introduced to a non-HDCP compliant DVI port, forcing the resolution to 540p at best.

The introduction of such a gadget is a welcome addition, allowing users to view the content they paid for, even though the mere fact consumers have to revert to such methods is downright infuriating. Thankfully, with ICT not being an issue until 2010, PS3 owners can enjoy Blu-ray content via HDMI, analog (component) and now, all forms of DVI. Lets hope the ICT mess gets figured out sooner rather than later, so we can get back to awaiting the latest Blu-ray releases without the fear of having high-def viewing pulled out from under us.

[Update: Edited post to point out this gadget is most useful for non-HDCP compliant DVI inputs. HDCP DVI inputs will not limit the resolution to 540p as suggested. Thanks!]

[Via Kotaku]

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