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Championship Sprint motors hits PSN tomorrow, we're still bored.

Peter Vrabel

The PlayStation Store seems to be on a mind-numbing sprint through the bargain bin of old classics, however this recent entry might struggle with even that very definition. Championship Sprint was an arcade treat in its heyday, but without the acrid smell of burnt pizza cheese permeating the air and the ching-ching-ching of tokens being dispensed nearby, we're not sure reliving this classic on the PS3 is going to evoke the same sense of guilty pleasure we once experienced. Pray tell, why exactly would anyone care to relive this classic without standing at the machine itself with a vice-like grip on the steering wheel (sans Force Feedback, we might add)? There is plenty of ripe fruit in the Sony catalog, so where are the classic gems from the lucrative and expansive PlayStation gallery? How many times can we ask for Twisted Metal? How about SOCOM? Honestly, lets skip the brussel sprouts and head right for the ice cream.

For interested parties, Championship Sprint hits the PlayStation Store tomorrow, on May 31st, for $4.99. We suppose it's better than nothing, but not by much. Comments and suggestions on preferred PlayStation Store titles would be a fantastic addition here, so post away. Give Sony some ideas! Now, if you don't mind, we're heading back to the recesses of our couch to complete our Pirates of the Caribbean Blu-ray marathon. Wake us up when something more worthwhile is on.

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