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'Videogame Style Guide' now available for free, for limited time

When he's not busy blogging about the potentially deadly mix of urine and PlayStations, Joystiq blogger Kyle Orland has been busy at work on The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual, a ... uh, style guide and reference manual about video games. Or is that videogames?

Over a year ago, style guide coauthor Dave Thomas prompted this Joystiq poll to determine whether we'd use "videogames" or "video games" here at the 'stiq. Astute readers will certainly note that we use the latter, as determined by our savvy voters. Those who voted for that winner will be disheartened to learn that "videogames" -- Thomas' preferred variant -- is indeed the guide's preferred spelling.

So, why a style guide for games writers? Kyle attempts to tackle that question over at GameDaily, while edifying readers on the correct styling of Xbox (hint: that's the correct version). But what about PLAYSTATION 3? We don't have to write it in all caps, do we? Interested parties -- even you FAQ writers -- can request a free eBook copy of the book for a limited time -- an altruistic effort we can only imagine is intended to save each and every one of us from reading "X-BoX-360" ever again. Want to add a leatherbound* copy to your mahogany bookcase? Hard copies are available for $15 paperback and $25 hardback.

*Leather binding not available.

Free - Request The Videogame Style Guide and Reference Manual
Read - Book Excerpt: 'A Question of Style' (GameDaily BIZ)

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