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Crysis vs. Haze -- unnecessary comparison, or closer than you think?

Nick Doerr

The folks over at Crytek have time and again claimed their upcoming PC title Crysis is the most graphically advanced game ever. Is it? Over at PSU, the writers took the liberty to make some comparison screenshots between Crysis and the upcoming PS3 title Haze. Some would think it folly to compare any game with one touted as the most graphically advanced.

We disagree. The comparison shots show that, in some situations, Haze looks identical if not slightly better than Crysis. Other screenshots lean heavily toward Crysis as being the graphical victor. Especially when it comes to forest foliage. The point is this: the two games aren't that far apart in beauty. This is surprising. We'll leave the ultimate decision up to you, so check out the shots and let us know what you think.

[Thanks, Justin!]

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