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E-TEN Glofiish X500+ gets unboxed


The new E-TEN Glofiish device we hinted at earlier in the month has arrived in all of its 2.8 inch VGA screened, Windows Mobile 6 Pro (see that? We're already shortening that name up 'round here) goodness. Nothin' has changed in the specs, but previously unnoticed (at least by us) is the fact that the X500+ supports RDS-TMC -- so not only will the GPS support get you where you are going, it will help you dodge traffic, too. The package contains all the bits and bobs you would expect: a headset, USB cable, case, charger, and of course some bundled software. Still doesn't seem to be anything official on pricing, but at least you hit the link to check the rest of the unboxing pics.

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