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Final Fantasy gets a Blu-ray treatment [Update]

Peter Vrabel

In lulls of gaming goodness, we like to sit back and watch what 1080p can deliver, thanks to the PS3 built-in Blu-ray player. Recently Sony Pictures Home Entertainment unveiled their late summer lineup, with Arlington Road and Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within both set for release on August 7th. The feature list for Arlington Road looks pretty light, but Final Fantasy is getting the full treatment, with additional featurettes, an interactive documentary, deleted footage and even joke outtakes. Then on December 11th, Lost: The Complete Third Season will mark its debut on both standard DVD and Blu-ray with again, more goodies than typical Blu-ray fare has provided so far. It's good to finally see movie studios show their strong Blu-ray support by supplying meatier Blu-ray supplemental features. Are there any unannounced titles you are heavily anticipating for Blu-ray release?

[Update: Disney Home Entertainment has officially come out to say that Badder Santa and Lost: The Complete Third Season are "not planned for high-def (Blu-ray) release." Also important to note, they reaffirmed their Blu-ray exclusivity and have "no plans" to support HD-DVD anytime soon. Removed Lost from the post title.]

[Thanks Mark & frambrosis]

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