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Hour of Victory demo now Live

Justin McElroy

The only question is, will the Hour of Victory demo now on Xbox Live provide an hour of fun? Also, did Activision release new Call of Duty 3 content today specifically to distract you from this fellow first-person double-dub dos shooter? Wait, well we guess that's two questions. So, the only questions are the two we've already asked. Oh, and will Midway please develop Hour of Victory Airborne so we can fire up the Joystiq Acronizer 3000 and use up these Jay-Z jokes we bought a few years ago on clearance? So, three.

Come to think of it, will the less-than-stellar reception the demo is receiving so far keep you from downloading it? And, lest we forget the most important question: What did you think? So, just those five questions, no more. We promise.

Update: The Hour of Victory demo has now apparently been pulled from Xbox Live. We don't know if has anything to do with the game's negative reception as this thread suggests. We'll let you know if anything changes.

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