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Korean digicam chip could make flashes obsolete

Brian White

If you're oblivious to those generally-useless cellphone digicam flashes at this time, we hear ya -- we can't stand them either. But would it not be nice to capture quality images in dark spaces without being blinded by the light from a traditional flash and without seeing the blur of a phone cam that accompanies flash-less night or dark shots? The South Korean Electronic Technology Institute says it has the answer in a new low-light image sensor chip. The main feature? the chip allows digital cameras to snap great shots with hardly any light. Yes, we're talking 1-lux lighting levels here for both still and video capture, with a claimed low-light sensitivity level 2,000 times more than other sensor types. Nice, very nice -- though as usual, we'll have to reserve judgment until it finds its way into a shipping product.

[Via Phone Scoop]

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