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McIntosh unveils the high-end MS750 digital music server

Nilay Patel

High-end audio manufacturer McIntosh Laboratory (they were around long before a couple kids named Steve started fooling around in their garage) is looking to take back some space on the audiophile shelf from all those wannabe-pro upstarts like the Slim Transporter with its new MS750 music server. The unit features a 750GB drive, CD burner, and a FLAC encoder that can be run in real time from the unit's inputs, so purists can rip their precious vinyl at least without lossy encoding. In addition, the MS750 supports WMA, MP3, and AAC -- perfect for those newly DRM-free "high-quality" iTunes Plus tracks. Music can be streamed to and from the rig via the built-in Ethernet and McIntosh's Music Guide software, and the server can be network controlled or integrated into a home automation rig through the multiple RS-232 serial ports. All those connections don't come cheap, though -- McIntosh says the MS750 will set you back six large when it drops in June.

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