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Rumor: Resident Evil 5 becoming a PS3 exclusive? Doubt it ...

Nick Doerr

This is a rumor we thought we'd never see. Resident Evil has been a franchise to grace both Nintendo and Sony consoles since inception. Even Sega got their fix on the Saturn and the Dreamcast. PC? You bet. Handhelds, movies, you name it -- Resident Evil has touched it. Except for a Microsoft system, oddly enough. Perhaps that hesitation is what spawned the latest rumor: Resident Evil 5 is inching toward PS3 exclusivity. With Sega out of the race and Nintendo opting not to use graphics as a selling point, RE5 looks towards the PS3 just like Silent Hill 5 is -- should sales improve, exclusivity may result.

A variety of Japanese media outlets have come out to confirm that the initially planned 360 version of the game has been dropped by Capcom. No evidence, no quotes, just heresay from magazines and denials by Capcom. Thus the rumor. On the flipside, Capcom and Microsoft have enjoyed monumental success with Dead Rising and Lost Planet. The multiplatform announcement for Devil May Cry 4, followed by the announcement all Capcom games from then on would be multiplatform, lay credence to debunking this rumor. We have no idea. We won't hold our breath, but if the rumor is true, it would be the biggest surprise of the year.

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