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Today in Joystiq: May 31, 2007

Ross Miller

We dug through doc18's Flickr album yet again for this Katamari mockup -- take note of Master Chief stuck in the upper right, looking very put out by his situation. Check out the highlights for today:

The video with most gaming potential: Microsoft Surface

First Guitar Hero III videos are ... different
Call of Duty 3 Bravo map pack hits Live
New PSP 3.50 firmware now available, Remote Play internet enabled
More Phantom Hourglass screens hit the 'net
No StarCraft 2 this year
Free Half-Life 2 games via Steam for ATI Radeon owners
Hour of Victory demo now Live
Dead Rising's Frank West gets change of clothes
nDreams reveals casual episodic game aimed at women
GameTap launches free ad-supported service
Indie horror adventure Penumbra: Overture available on Linux, coming to Mac
Ubisoft admits to over-porting Wii
Id has new IP, keep wishing for that Cmdr. Keen remake
New partnership brings European adventure games to North America
NY game retail bills pass; retailers could face felony charges
Tomb Raider and Anniversary comparison video
Activision shoots first against Harmonix in rhythm game war

Rumors & Speculation
Fortune: Nintendo is beating Microsoft and Sony

Culture & Community
Tetris ice cubes put a little geek in your drinks
Danish studio seeks publisher for unique Wii game
Warhammer Online seeks beta testers
Crowd-controlled Breakout excites moviegoers
Xbox 360 firmware update prevents XBL banning
Sign up for Gods & Heroes beta
Billy Mitchell ain't no 'son of a gun,' ex-champ speaks on King of Kong
Circuit City shoppers invited to compete in World Cyber Games
Indies and consoles: an imperfect system

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