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Udon Comics redraws Street Fighter II for the HD era


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Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix (please Capcom, can you make this title longer?) is shaping up to be the single best retro revival ... ever. Their upcoming downloadable title puts Sony Online Entertainment's 1080p envisionings of Midway classics look downright lazy, to say the least. Capcom is showing PS3 gamers what real high definition is all about: instead of simply reusing and resampling the same assets from the original title, SSFIITHDR will feature brand-new high-resolution sprites hand-drawn by the amazing folks at Udon Comics.

The new HD sprites, as found on Capcom's forums, make the originals look as antiquated as they truly are. These sprites dwarf their nearest competitor, Guilty Gear, as shown in this "confidential" Capcom presentation slide. We thoroughly applaud Capcom's endeavor in avoiding a lazy re-release of this title -- now if only all retro games on the PlayStation Store would feature the same kind of effort.

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