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What would you like to see in the next expansion?

Dan O'Halloran

In WoW's first expansion we got many new toys: flying mounts of every variety, new races, new profession, arena pvp and a higher level cap along with those 41pt talents. It didn't take us long to start imagineering the next expansion, but now that many of us have hit level 70 with our mains, toyed with Dranei and Blood Elf alts and are hip deep in reputation grinds, it's worth revisiting the question: What would we like to see next?

Blizzard is keeping tight lipped on the subject, probably holding back until Blizzcon 2007 at the beginning of August, but that hasn't stopped players from rolling out wish lists on the official forums. Some of the suggestions make sense. Others are ... on their own planet.

A quick perusal of the growing thread on the topic resulted in this list:

  • New classes, but not new races
  • New L20-60 content to get those alts through
  • Return to Azeroth, possibly explore Maelstrom or Northrend
  • Armor dye so we don't look like a clown posse when confronting Illidian
  • Specialization for secondary professions
  • Water mounts (love this idea)
  • mochas! (you'll have to read the thread)
What would you guys like to see in the next expansion?

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