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Europe's Ford Mondeo sports 'allergy tested interior'

Darren Murph

While Ford struggles to do anything right here in the States, the firm's European-bound Mondeo should appeal to those who just so happen to suffer from allergies across the pond. The whip, which is being gratuitously dubbed the "most technologically advanced car ever launched by Ford in Europe," does indeed tout the German TÜV Rhineland group's "Allergy Tested Interior" seal of approval, and suffered through an "extensive series of scientifically verifiable tests" in order to receive it. Ford engineers reportedly strayed from using materials such as "latex, chrome, and nickel that can provoke allergic reactions in some people," and a high-performance pollen filter was also thrown in for good measure. The new Mondeo, allergy friendly interior and all, should be cruising onto European lots any day now.

[Via CNET]

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