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Mega Man Legends 3 may exist, if Inafune finds tons of zenny

Nick Doerr

Here's a story that hits a personal note. Mega Man has always held a very, very precious spot in the gaming world for us (read: me). Following the franchise from MM 1 - 6, jumping to the SNES 7 the three Mega Man X series of games, even the Mega Man Soccer game, to the PS One release of Mega Man 8, Mega Man X 4 - 8, it's a staple. Oh, let's not forget the ninth installment with Mega Man and Bass. That one was tough. What a lot of people didn't follow, however, were the incredibly entertaining and highly enjoyable Mega Man Legends titles. There were only two, but well worth your time. And no, the game boy games don't count. There are too darn many to care about. Maybe the ZX series.

Anyway, in a surprise interview with the creator of Mega Man, 1UP asked if there were any plans to bring next-gen treatment the blue bomber's way. Keiji Inafune said that he'd like to, but worried that it would be impossible to recoup the costs of making such a game on next-gen platforms. So, when told to ignore the whole monetary part of it, he replied thus: "I think it probably would be Mega Man Legends 3. And that's not just me -- a lot of the original team members would also love to make a sequel. They talk about it. I talk about it sometimes. I know they love that series and so do I. If I were to say right now, I have a tiny, tiny, tiny dream that I wish I could realize, but I don't know if it's possible, it would be to do a sequel in the Legends series."

Hell. Yes. It's great to actually hear that -- it's Capcom's most promising Mega Man series, really. Promising, not lucrative. Inafune said that the engine to build that game on would probably be the same as that used in Dead Rising or Lost Planet, which makes sense. Especially if you compare the movement mechanics in the latter to the Legends games. We hope this happens -- if you're rich, Inafune is asking you to pelt him with change until he's got the cash. We'll pitch in.

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