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New Manhunt 2 trailer adds more chills


Manhunt 2 is clearly an M rated game. The best way to think of it is as the interactive version of Hostel, or one of those hardcore horror flicks. It either appeals to your sensibilities or it doesn't, but that's the gamer's choice, and parents should have the sense to not let their little ones near it -- sadly, we know that's not going to happen. Anyway, the PS2 and PSP versions will be fine and dandy, but using the Wiimote in this game is what's really going to get us to give it a shot. There is going to be some perverse pleasure about playing this game on the Wii for many, many, reasons. The most obvious being that the Wii's control possibilities could be conceived of as being an interactive murder simulator, and then there's the amazing fact that Nintendo let it happen. But it's all up to the responsiveness of the controls that will determine the sick pleasure factor.

The latest trailer gives some more details to the Manchurian Candidate (infected and/or brainwashed) type of character you'll be playing in the sequel, a very different character from the straight-up anti-hero convict in the original. We're going to go with this being part of Rockstar's continuing trend of hiding behind the context of an issue, while maintaining the content. Bully satirically touched numerous lines without crossing them and Manhunt 2 looks to be just as violent as the first, but if the character is a "good guy" discovering his past, trapped in a "bad guy" body, the context absolves the content. But seriously, we're just looking forward to stabbing, slashing, cracking open and shooting some bad guys with the Wiimote. Unleash the fury, Mitch ... unleash the fury! But keep it away from the kids or anybody else who doesn't realize that it's just a game.

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