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Pachter: Halo 3 could cause GTA IV delay

Ross Miller

Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter, in his latest assessment of Take Two, said that the publisher might delay Grand Theft Auto IV so as to move it farther away from Halo 3's September 25 launch. Currently, GTAIV is expected October 16, just three weeks after Master Chief moves in.

"We believe that a two-week delay would provide a reasonable gap between the launch of Halo 3 and the launch of GTA IV, and would actually help sales of both games," he said.

Indeed, the thought of having to shell out $120 to $220 (that's $90 for GTA special edition and $130 for the Halo's legendary set) in a short amount of time does make us want to hold off on one of the titles until our wallets are happier. But will two weeks make all the difference?

Pachter suggests another reason for a delay that has more to do with business strategy. If Take Two delays GTA IV two weeks, that will put it in their 2008 fiscal year. Though that would most assuredly hurt the publisher's FY 2007 prospects, Pachter said that it's possible they will just "throw in the towel" for the year and give themselves a strong start for FY 2008.

One devious suggestion that we hope doesn't happen: Pachter suggested Take Two keep the special edition on October 16 while moving the "normal SKU" back a few weeks. Good for business, but bad for the impatient gamer. Remember, this is just one analyst's opinion, and Take Two is still officially committed to the October 16 release dates.

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