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Prince of Persia film to feature Parkour, says early script review

Ross Miller

Latino Review, who always manages to nab early script reviews, has recently taken a look at the Prince of Persia movie and given it an overwhelmingly positive A-.

Though the review attempts to abstain from spoilers, it does mention the script specifically calling for Parkour, a French physical art form that emphasizes momentum and efficient movement. You might remember seeing it in the French action flick District B13 or Casino Royale. It also fits really well given the Prince's acrobatic nature.

The Prince of Persia film is being developed by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer, who managed to take a theme park ride and turn it into one of the highest grossing movie trilogies of all time. Can they work the same magic with a video game adaptation? With Michael Bay? The sands of time are trickling, and it looks like this movie is moving along.

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[Via Movie Chronicles; thanks, Paul]

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