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Verizon Wireless intros the G'zOne Type-S


OK, Friday's caketaker for silliest name in a leading handset has been awarded to Verizon and Casio for the teen racer-esque named G'zOne Type-S; after all, this isn't a car, it's a mobile phone. The second in the G'zOne line from Verizon, the new and improved Type-S (aside from being much, much, faster from 0 - 60, we hear) also brings an internal antenna -- this is key to a nice looking set in our humble opinion -- Bluetooth, a VGA cam, and VZ Navigator, but sadly lacks the rumored expandable memory. The G'zOne can stand up to some pretty extreme "Military-grade" punishment and is tested as such with repeated drops from five feet, humidity tests, submerged in water, and even dust testing. This rugged fella drops in Verizon stores today (unless your local store started selling them way, way early, which we'd been hearing) and can be had for $149 after $50 rebate on a 2-year term.

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