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Breakfast Topic: How often have you respecc'd?

Amanda Rivera

My mage began her time in WoW as a fire mage, blasting everything in sight. I was in love with blastwave, utterly, but I couldn't seem to deal with crowd control at all, and since I was spending a lot of my time soloing, I respecc'd to frost. That was my first time switching specs. Since then I have respecc'd one more time, this time to one of the frost dps spec's recommended here on WoW Insider's Build Shop. I absolutely adore my spec now, and can't see ever changing it, despite my occasional longing for my Water Elemental by my side.

As I was talking over this little respeccing history with a friend yesterday I realized that I imagine that's fairly rare for players. I know in his case, as a paladin, he's had to respec numerous times, depending on the situation. It seems that being a jack-of-some-trades class means that you spend a lot of time and gold at the trainer erasing your talent trees.

What is the most number of times you have respecc'd a character? When would you consider enough to be enough?

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