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Datel PowerSaves: Playing in Easy Mode

Eric Caoili

Have you gotten so bad at playing video games that you've actually managed to have your character die in Wii Sports: Golf? Has it gotten to the point where you need some sort of "infinite lives" code just to finish a course? Well then, that is pretty shameful.

Datel's PowerSaves 512MB SD cards helps you live with that shame, giving you access to hundreds of cheats. Many of the saves on the $24.99 card have been hacked to enable features and codes that developers never even intended for their games. To sweeten the deal, Datel has also bundled in its MAX Media Manager Pro software to help users organize and transfer their photos, videos, and music to their consoles. You'll be the envy of all your friends when they see the effortless life you've made for yourself. Just like you've always wanted.

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