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European Commisioner: MS has a week to explain Xbox 360 scratching disc issue

Ross Miller

European Commissioner for Consumers Meglena Kuneva wants to get to the bottom of the Xbox 360 scratching disc issue and she wants answers from Microsoft within one week. In a visit to The Netherlands yesterday, Kuneva confirmed that she had written to Microsoft requesting information on how they plan on resolving the issues there and "whether the same problem has occurred on other markets," according to a newsbrief on the ECC website.

The inquiry was prompted by a report from Dutch TV show Kassa that concluded that certain models of Xbox 360 were indeed the cause of the disc scratching.

In a (mostly English) radio interview, Kuneva said that "Within one week i expect to receive an answer ... and then we will draw the plan on how we could proceed further." She also said that although she does not have the power to order a recall, she'll be "more than happy to act if I have legal ground." (Listen to streaming .wma; interview starts around 2:53.)

Given the anecdotal evidence we have, the disc scratching problem has certainly come up in other markets. It'll be interesting to see what Microsoft reveals on the matter over the next week.

[Via Engadget & The Inquirer]

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