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Thanko's Silent Mouse 2: now with more quiet

Darren Murph

If there was ever a device that probably didn't need a sequel, it'd be the silent mouse, but leave it to Thanko to invent a "new and improved" rendition that somehow proves even quieter and more versatile than the original. Of course, there are certainly other ways to nix the clicks in your computing routines, and this here gizmo won't really do you any good unless your PC sounds more like a gentle breeze and less like an impending tornado. Still, the Silent Mouse 2 touts five total buttons, a scroll wheel, an unfortunate tail, and walls of soundproofing material lining the innards. According to some fairly unscientific testing, this unit pounds out just 36.5 decibels compared to the "industry average" of 58 decibels, so if you just can't stand to hear yourself click on any longer, Thanko's latest can be your cure for ¥2,980 ($25).

[Via AkihabaraNews]

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