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Apple market cap tops $100 billion

Mat Lu

Our favorite stock just keeps going up, and earlier this week Apple Inc. broke the $100 billion market capitalization barrier. With the stock price heading over $116 a share, the value of the company continues to climb. And analysts remain bullish, with Morgan Stanley's Katy Huberty talking about a near doubling of the market cap within the next 12 months as a viable possibility. Of course this would hinge on the success of the iPhone plus expanding Mac market share, but at this point nobody wants to bet against Cupertino. Unable to deny themselves a little schadenfreude, many on the Mac web are noting that this puts Apple (~$102b at the time of this writing) well above Dell's market cap (~$61b), and closing in on HP (~$122b) and IBM (~$158b). Only Microsoft remains way out in front (~$292b).

[via AppleInsider]

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