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Caption This! winners


Somehow I get the feeling that everyone who voted on our finalists had spent a little too much time grinding Timbermaw reputation in the past...! By 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, we'd gotten a total of 2,477 votes -- an excellent turnout! And while competition for second place was very close, first place was no contest. With 33% of the vote (and 825 votes total), Justin wins with his caption:

Alright, guys. We still have 6,352 more humans to slaughter before we can buy the new potion recipe.

And in second place? With 11% of the vote (and 283 votes total), Guy wins with his caption:

"I knew we shouldn't have trusted that mage who said he had a port to Timbermaw Hold..." "Move his status to hated..."

So congratulations to Justin and Guy -- and thanks to everyone for participating! Justin will be taking home a 60-day gamecard and Guy will receive a Burning Crusade t-shirt from J!NX. But if you think you can do better than they did (and I've read the comments, you can't deny that you haven't been thinking it!), then check back with us next Monday for another round of Caption This -- you could be our next winner!

And, if you're curious to see how all of our finalists fared, check here.

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