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Civilization III mod teaches Canadian history


Ten years in the making, a million-dollar project funded by Telefilm Canada and supported by Canada's National History Society has finally come to fruition. HistoriCanada: The New World is a Civilization III mod designed to help students learn about Canadian history. Gamers take control of the English, French, or one of over half a dozen native peoples and play through the years of 1525 and 1762, shaping the country as the game plays out in Civ III-style.

The chair of the Queen's University Centre for the Study of Democracy says Canadian history is sometimes portrayed as "dull as dishwater", but when experienced through Civ III players can see the "complex interaction of economic, religious, social and military choices" that have shaped the country's past. The mod is available for download on the HistoriCanada website (you must have Civ III and the Conquests expansion) and will be packaged with copies of Civ III and donated to over 100,000 Canadian high school students.

Edutainment can go horribly wrong, but sprinkling a little history lesson in with Civilization is a great idea in our book. Just one question: why Civ III and not Civ IV?

[Thanks, Bryon S.]

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