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Illidari Council down

Eliah Hecht

Warning: this post relates what is popularly known as a "world-first" kill. If you are not interested in a certain high-end European raid guild that shall not be mentioned destroying enemies you may not have heard of, read no further. Right. Still here? OK then.

A mere 15 hours after their last kill, the current superstars of WoW PvE have vanquished the one remaining obstacle between them and the big man himself, Illidan. Yes, the Illidari Council is no more. This means they have tonight and tomorrow to try to take down Illy before the raid resets on Wednesday morning (right? Wednesday for EU raids?).

What's the secret to their success, you may ask? Well, Kungen claims "Key to success is 4 rogues in all raids." That's good to hear, as it may assuage some Rogue concerns over being edged out in PvE. According to their site they're working on Illidan as I type this, so good luck, guys, and congrats once again. Check out their site for a nice gallery of Illidan killing everybody, and here's the loot from the Council.

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