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New iPhone Ads: what Mac ads should be

Scott McNulty

Apple's seeming refusal to demonstrate actual features of the Mac in their advertising is a common lament amongst the Mac Faithful. Sure, the Mac v.s PC campaign is lots of fun, and it does at least draw attention to the differences between the two platforms, but where are the ads actually showing someone making a photo book with iPhoto (instead just mentioning that it is possible)? They are no where to be found, however, the new iPhone ads are all about showcasing what the iPhone can do and how it is done. The UI is the star of the show as we see two hands navigating from playing music to watching videos to answering a phone call with a tight shot on the iPhone's screen.

The iPhone ads make me want to buy an iPhone, though I might be more in line with Apple's target market than most, and really isn't that the point of advertising? I wonder if this heralds a sea change in the way Apple advertises, or whether they are taking the more hands on approach with their consumer electronics (the Apple TV ad also shows the product in use) while keeping Mac advertising more high concept.

Then again I might just be reading too much into this. What say you, TUAW readers? Are the new iPhone ads more effective than the Get a Mac ads, or am I comparing Apples to Apples?

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