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New Tekken 6 screens and artwork KO the competition

Nick Doerr

A long while back, we talked about a new character entering the Tekken 6 arena: Miguel, a matador of sorts. Since then, a lot of fancy new screenshots have been thrown up detailing some of the other characters. Not just screenshots, but some pieces of CG artwork have made their way across the series of tubes we call the internet. Included in the gallery below are a bunch of in-game stills featuring ladies in provocative clothing, but there are other shots hovering around the web of equal awesomeness.

Check out the gallery, enjoy, and tell us which character you are the absolute master of. It has been said that Tekken 6 will have the largest cast in the series' history. Plan to test out any of the new characters, or will you stick with your old favorite?


[via Joystiq]

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