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Nintendo Short Cuts: Be the hero!


It must be hard, getting your friends together, making costumes, and getting props set up in under a week, if the story posted along with this video is true. Time constraints didn't prevent these Zelda fans from getting their send-up on film in time for the contest's deadline. The costuming looks pretty good, too, but we can't help but wonder if groups like this fight over who gets to be Link. Are they hiding bruises under those robes and tunics? We'll bet yes, but judging from the choreography of the fight scenes, it's likely no one got hurt too badly. Swing those swords like men, Zelda fans (or like angry women; we're all about equal opportunity swordsmanship around here)! But props on the setting, costumes, and music -- not bad for a rush job!

Check out the video for yourself after the jump.

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