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SanDisk intros Cruzer Professional, Enterprise USB drives


SanDisk has tossed a few more entries into its ever-expanding line of Cruzer USB flash drives, with its new Cruzer Professional and Cruzer Enterprise models offering a few additional perks for more security-minded folks. Both drives are available in 1, 2, and 4GB versions, and each boast the same 24MB/sec read time and 20MB/sec write time. Opting for the Professional model, however, will only get you some basic security features, including a "Privacy Zone" that'll let you password-protect as much or as little of the drive as you'd like. The Cruzer Enterprise, on the other hand, boasts mandatory password protection for the entire drive, along with a set-up process that forces users to create complex passwords. The Enterprise drive will also work with Sandisk's Cruzer Enterprise Central Management & Control server software, which'll give businesses central back-up and restore capabilities, and even allow for remote termination of lost drives. If that meets with your approval, you can snag the Enterprise drives now for between $75 and $185, or save a few bucks with the Professional drives, which'll set you back between $55 and $155.

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