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Video Games Live to play Kennedy Center in Wash. D.C.


OK, now Video Games Live is getting big time. Video Games Live will perform at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. for two days, June 29 and 30, with the National Symphony Orchestra. Yes, that was not a typo. The orchestra, which typically won't creep past the 19th century, is about to take on the last 30 years in video games.

"What an incredible honor for us and the entire video game industry to be playing at such a historical landmark with such a prestigious symphony," said video game composer and Video Games Live co-creator Jack Wall. Fellow co-creator and game composer Tommy Tallarico added, "We've already started inviting as many local politicians and their families as possible. It's important for us to show everyone how incredibly creative, artistic and significant video games and the culture surrounding them have become."

Just pick up our jaws off the floor already. Video Games Live is also holding a contest to send someone and a guest to the event. Sponsored by Microsoft, ManiaTV and DreamAuthentics you can apply here. There will also be a pre-show on the Grand Foyer with "costume contest, free game demo handouts, prize give-a-ways" and game competitions. After the concert people will be able to meet Sid Meier (only appearing June 30) and other industry veterans. Very cool news, now we wonder if House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will sit next to Sid Meier and discuss Civilization, while Vice President Dick Cheney and Epic's Mark Rein go boozing in the lobby and Cheney lets him know they got the splatter effect of shooting someone all wrong in Gears of War.

[Via Press Release]

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