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Wii hard drive rumor resurfaces, Nintendo calls it "pure speculation"


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Given the Wii's relatively paltry 512MB of internal storage (and nothing more than an SD card slot for expansion), it's hardly a surprise that rumors of an external hard drive add-on have been persisting for about as long as the console's been around. Now, despite being shot down by Nintendo just a few months ago, the rumors seem to have picked up again, with the speculation now pointing towards an announcement at E3 in July. Lending a smidgen of credence to this latest rumor is SNK's recent announcement that it would soon be bringing some of its Neo Geo titles to the Wii's Virtual Console, many of which would take up a heckuva lot more space (up to 330MB) than the current crop of old school games available on the service. Nintendo isn't buying that argument, however, telling gaming site Spong that it's nothing more than "pure rumour and speculation and none of it is based in any fact or announcement." We somehow doubt that'll be enough to quell all the speculation though, which means we'll just have to wait 'till E3 to finally put this one to rest -- at least for a little while.

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