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Dojo update brings Poke Balls and music


The saga of the Smash Bros. Dojo is one we're all following, and will for quite some time we imagine, so the latest update revolving around Poke Balls and the critters that inhabit them should be no surprise to you. In Smash Bros. Melee, it was a deadly weapon that could bring forth any one of a number of lethal creatures and looks no different here.

Sadly, they didn't reveal any new Pokemon aside from Pokemon Ruby cover creature Groudon. When unleashed from its Poke Ball, it will burn any player that gets close to it, kind of like a huge walking furnace. Of course, the one who summoned it won't be affected by it.

Other than that, the site has updated with a new track of music. A remix to the end music from Yoshi's Story, the track was composed by long-time Nintendo composer Kazumi Totaka and Killer 7 composer Masafumi Takada. You can hear the track here.

Check out images of Poke Balls in action, as well as some shots of Groudon in-game, in the gallery below.


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