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EA confirms SimCity 'Societies'


Joystiq spoke with EA and confirmed the rumor that the next version of SimCity is on the way. Currently dubbed SimCity Societies, EA says that's merely a "working title" at this point. We've been told "it's completely different from SimCity 4, so they're trying to come up with something different than just calling it SimCity 5."

A full feature of the upcoming SimCity can be found in this month's Games for Windows Magazine, which supposedly arrives for subscribers today and hits newsstands later this week. An official announcement of the game by EA is expected next week, which will coincide with the first official release of images. We've been told that the game will also be shown at next month's E3. A new SimCity is always happy news for all the wannabe civil engineers out there. To tide you over until SimCity Societies eats your current PC's RAM for lunch, you'll be able to enjoy SimCity DS this summer.

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