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Fallout 3 set for Fall 2008 release


Get to a shelter! The apocalypse is nigh!

Well, it's somewhat nigh. In fact, it's very close to almost bordering on the status of being considered nigh. If the just released teaser trailer for Bethesda's foray into a world wrecked by nuclear catastrophe is any indication, Fallout 3 is set to leak out of a suspicious cannister in Fall 2008. Alright, so not particularly nigh then.

The trailer (which is currently creating a bandwidth apocalypse on Bethesda's site) doesn't give away much along the lines of gameplay, but provides some assurances that obliterated cityscapes and dilapidated vehicles will be completely represented in all their glorious, err, incompleteness. Perhaps Fallout's new caretakers really do care about the revered RPG franchise.

Bethesda's Pete Hines even cares enough to offer some answers to questions you were just about to ask: The trailer is in-engine, those are the Ink Spots you hear and yes, that's Ron Perlman's gravelly voice.

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