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Fallout 3 will fall in Fall (2008)


Fallout, it's one of those games that you either A) love or B) have never played. Thus, it comes as no surprise that the first official trailer of Fallout 3 has caused undo stress on the Intertubes and rushing streams of data to burst from the weakened joints. The trailer reveals nothing in the way of gameplay, but it does show off some very pretty in-engine footage. If you've been salivating for some post-apocalyptic goodness, look no further. Oh, and in case the headline didn't tip you off, the game is expected to drop in the Fall of 2008. For the completely obsessed, you may now download the trailer and play it repeatedly for the next year and a half.

Also, for the record, we'd like to add that Ron Perlman needs to do more video game work. That guy is like butter, makes anything better.

[Via Joystiq]

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