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Kids sound off about games made for kids

Kevin Kelly

Ever wonder what kids think about games made specifically for them? Have you been dying to know what an eleven-year-old thinks about LocoRoco? Pocketgamer recently spent some time with kid gamers, and got the honest reactions straight from the pint-sized players.

Highlights include:
  • Andrew (10) on Dr. Kawashima's Brain Training -- "I don't like Braining Training. It's like learning, really, like school."
  • Andrew on Animal Crossing: Wild World -- "This is so great, you get to dig for things, sell stuff, live in a house. I've almost paid off my whole mortgage."
  • Polly (11) on Alex Rider: Stormbreaker -- "Some games for kids are rubbish though. Plus it's kind of boring, but I guess maybe it's a boy game."
  • Polly on LocoRoco -- "It's mad, but I really like it. It's not just about explosions."
Kids may say the darndest things, but they sound pretty well-adjusted as far as games are concerned. Plus, that game is like school. Who knows, all this gaming may help them land a job.

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