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Reddy the "emotional" humanoid robot


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As we all know, the human-robot divide can be a tough one to bridge (what with them secretly plotting to destroy us and all) -- but there's a new robot out there that's willing to tackle the problem, and he's ready to lend a hand to anyone doing research on the subject (for a price, of course). With a head full of servos, RoboMotio's Reddy robot can contort its face into a broad range of expressions, including joy, anger, sadness, surprise, and disgust, which the company says makes it ideally suited for various human-robot endeavors. RoboMotio appears to be a bit wary of Reddy getting too "emotional," however, choosing not to give him legs or any other means of movement, although those willing to take the risk can attach him to "many standard or non-standard mobile robot bases." Of course, robots can't make a living on goodwill alone, so RoboMotio's also talking up Reddy's potential for various marketing and entertainment applications, which means you could be running into him any day now. In the meantime, be sure to hit up the link below for some not-to-be-missed shots and a couple of videos of Reddy in action.

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