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Analysis: Used game prices lowest in November

Kyle Orland

The internet had brought a wealth of historical pricing data to the fingertips of anyone looking to buy stocks, homes, plane tickets and all sorts of other products big and small. Yet used game buyers have had to rely on intuition and sites like CheapAssGamer to know when to strike for that great deal.

No longer. JJ Hendricks, proprietor of online game retailer JJGames, tracked the average sale price of 50 randomly selected games on sites like eBay, Amazon and The results (graphed above) show prices generally falling from January through May, leveling off during the summer months, then dipping to their absolute lowest point on Nov. 4. After that, holiday demand sends prices upward again.

Hendricks' new Used Video Game Pricing blog promises to look into all sorts of facets of the volatile second-hand gaming market, including the roller-coaster pricing of used Pokémon games and how to make money collecting games. We have a feeling the secret for that last one is going to be having lots of sealed Game and Watch units lying around.

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