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Maybe a contract-free iPhone is NOT out of the question


Yes, the commercials say "2 Year Activation". Yes, I said that it looked like prepaid options were out of the picture. This came a few weeks after after we had heard rumors about prepaid iPhone codes. This evening, Christopher Price over at Phone News dropped me a note and we briefly chatted back and forth. He pointed me to an article he'd written about newly launched AT&T options for pay as you go customers.

Price thinks prepaid isn't dead despite what you see in those commercials. The new AT&T feature packages look as if they're ready to bring prepaid phone services to a new level. So 2-year-contract? No 2-year-contract? Prepaid? No prepaid? I'm just getting whiplash. What do you think?

Oh and by the way: that commercial Scott posted earlier today? Check out the very end and see if you notice...what's missing.

Update: Commercial is LIVE at Apple. No "2 Year Contract"--although the earlier commercials still say that.

Update 2: TUAW Reader Steve reports that he's not seeing the "2 Year Contract" line on the live repeats of the first 3 TV ads either. Can any other readers confirm that these have changed as well?

Update 3: TUAW Reader Gruff reports that the text is now missing from all the online Apple ads.

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