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ESRB: Tomb Raider Anniversary bound for 360, possibly as DLC


The Entertainment Software Ratings Board is probably due for a shiny PETA trophy by now. The organization's online ratings database has let many a cat out of cruel prison bags, with today marking the release of gaming's most agile feline. The website currently lists not one, but five separate entries for an Xbox 360 version of Lara Croft's latest romp, Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

More interestingly, each entry specifies a locale featured within the Crystal Dynamics remake. Peru, Lost City, Greece, Egypt and Croft Manor are all listed and rated, leading us to conclude that Anniversary could very well be making its way to Microsoft's system as downloadable content. Whether it would be offered as downloadable content for Tomb Raider: Legend (which utilizes the same graphics engine as Anniversary) or as episodic titles on the Xbox Live Marketplace is a matter of pure speculation. Certainly, a cost of $5 per level would compare well to the $30 PS2 and PC versions released yesterday.

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