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Party with TUAW at WWDC


Monday, June 11 is going to be a big day. Oh sure, Jobs and Co. are going to lay some heavy fun stuff on us in the morning. And that afternoon the blogosphere will implode, and Engadget will liveblog the whole thing. But the night will host the very first second official TUAW meetup.

What better place to mull the latest iPhone announcements, or chuckle over the Finders-of-yon than San Francisco's own House of Shields? I hear tell Merlin Mann has made an appearance at the venerable watering hole, so who knows what other Mac masters might appear? *(Please note, I've no idea if Merlin will even be on the West Coast next week.) Anyway, House of Shields is about five minutes from the Moscone, so we're hoping no one is troubled by travel issues.

You can see an invite of sorts over here on Upcoming. Since the place is pretty much a bar, I'm thinking you'll have to be 21 to attend, sorry folks (consolation prize info coming tomorrow). The party starts at 8pm, and we've got a few drink tickets for the imbibing. Giveaways start at 10pm. We hunt Zunes for sport at midnight.

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