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Resident Evil 5 before April 2008 seems very unlikely

Nick Doerr

You read the subject line -- Capcom isn't rushing their latest Resident Evil title to make some quick bucks. They are taking their sweet time (and probably relying on the attractive Devil May Cry 4 to boost sales a bit) to make sure we're getting the best product starring Chris Redfield we can get. In fact, Capcom must really love that poster boy -- he's been in the most games. The original (which we'll count as the fantastic GameCube remake), Code: Veronica and now this. However, poster boy #2, Leon Kennedy, stars in the best games of the series -- the second and fourth. Debate all you like.

Capcom released some financial reports and guess what game isn't listed on this fiscal calendar's release schedule? Yep, Resident Evil 5. This means we can expect to do the business with the zombies and whatnot around April of next year. At the earliest. Every single game just seems to get farther and farther from release! Eventually, developers might just shrug their shoulders and say "well, we just don't want to release games anymore." We kid, of course, but the waiting game is so boring.

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