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Brother Bleszinski fears Wii, gives publishers terrible ideas

Jared Rea

Not that we're any better in the ideas department (see: right), but Tyler Bleszinski (President of SportsBlogNation, older brother to Cliff) is stating the obvious a bit too loudly for our liking. Publishers can turn a larger profit with a mini-game fiesta for Wii with significantly less development time than games for the "hardcore" audience? Do you not realize they are listening?

Invited to the floor by one N'Gai Croal, Bleszinski weaves a tale that we've seen plenty of times, but not so much recently now that the Wii is really picking up steam. Anecdotal evidence of gaming grannies plunking down cash for games like Cooking Mama and Wii Play, instilling fear of the casual market crushing our beloved past time.

While he makes it clear that he doesn't believe bringing new gamers to the fold is bad, or that games designed for the core players will die out, he does believe that the former can not become the latter. Let's face it: your grandpa playing Wii Bowling is not going to lead him into playing Gears of War or The Legend of Zelda anytime soon.

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