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Lady Croft runs out of steam in Europe


While we joke that everyone and their mother was invited to purchase and play Lara Croft's big Tomb Raider: Anniversary, it seems an invitation got lost in the mail. The European version of Valve's Steam service no longer has the game available. According to, neither Valve nor Eidos is explaining why. Apparently after the final stage of purchase the service says, "Sorry, but Tomb Raider: Anniversary (ROW) is not available for purchase in this country. Your purchase has been canceled."

Too bad European Steam users. On a happy note, you can still purchase the game practically everywhere else in the outside world and even at ... or Eidos' official site. For North Americans, feel free to join Lara at retail, Steam, GameTap and we're sure Eidos will be offering the game by carrier pigeon soon too.

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