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PSA: excessive Wii use could lead to 'Wiiitis'

Ross Miller

Wii injuries, often dubbed "wiinjuries," have been noted since the console's launch, but now one doctor has decided to give the tennis elbow-like symptoms caused by excessive Wii play an official medical diagnosis: Acute Wiiitis.

The condition, pronounced "wee-i-tis," was named by Dr. Julio Bonis, who suffered from the ailment from playing hours of Wii Sports. Bonis' findings were published (subscription required) in the New England Journal of Medicine and later reported by CNN.

Acute Wiiitis can reportedly (and thankfully) be treated by taking ibuprofen for a week and also a week-long break from using the Wii remote, but warning: it's best advised to treat it soon or the long-term ramifications could be dire.

[Via Engadget; thanks, Dave Jurcevic and Zoot Suit Jedi]

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